I’m co-hosting a podcast!

Check it out! I’m very proud of Lucy and my work on this. Been wanting to host a podcast for a while, so here it is.

Lots of waffle about tech, voice, AI, gadgets and general cool stuff.

Take a listen. Here’s a link-link, if you happen to use an Apple podcatcher:

The BOTCast on iTunes



Leave No One Behind! Why Voice-activated Devices Need to Address Accessibility Now

It should be clear to anyone who follows the technology industry that voice-enabled devices represent the next wave of computing interaction. After punch-cards, green-screen terminals, windows-mice-pointers and touchscreens, voice-enabled UIs will become the prevalent way humans interact with technology in the coming years.

The outspoken tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, while kicking off his awesome voice tech conference VoiceCon 2018, gave a rousing keynote slating any organisation that isn’t thinking about what their Brand sounds like to talk to. What’s it’s personality?

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I’m going to get 50 people to build a Google Assistant Action live in 50 mins at my speaker’s slot at UXBristol 2018 (UPDATED!)

This is either going to go spectacularly well, or spectacularly badly.

So, in the interests of innovation and experimentation, let’s give it a go 😉

Check out the progress here:

Craig Pugsley – Designing voice interactions – UXBristol 2018 …2018.uxbristol.org.uk/speakers/craig-pugsley/

UPDATE: Turns out, it went quite well!!



Why voice search is just the beginning

ORIGINALLY WRITTEN FOR THE BUSINESS WEST BLOG: https://www.businesswest.co.uk/blog/why-voice-search-just-beginning

There’s a war raging. It’s being fought in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens across the world and there’s so much at stake, neither side can afford to lose an inch. Battles have been won already, each side’s resources are nearly limitless, and battle scars get treated as learning opportunities – repaired stronger, with better understanding. The war is for your attention. For your interaction. For, as it always is, your money. This, is the war of the Conversation Titans.

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I bought a car and saved the world.

I think I’ve just bought something that will SAVE THE WORLD. Something undeniably important for the future of humanity. I helped save the world.

Alright, there might be a little hyperbole there. Let me rewind and take a pill…
See, the thing is, I’ve just reserved a Tesla Model 3. And this car will probably save the planet. Read More

Beautiful Room Syndrome – Why Smartphones Are Too Dumb

Smartphones are dumb. We’ve been led to believe that ever more capable cameras or better-than-the-eye-can-tell displays make our phones more useful. For the most part, this is marketing nonsense. For the last few years, major smartphone hardware has stagnated – the occasional speed bump here, the odd fingerprint sensor there… But nothing that genuinely makes our phones any smarter. It’s probably fair to say that we’ve reached peak phone hardware. Read More

Confessions Of A Chic Geek #683: I Love Smartwatches

OK, I’m going to confess, I’m a bit of a technology geek. Sometimes, that’s a bit embarrassing to admit, cos I’m a designer and designers are supposed to view technology as a tool, with reserved distain.

But that’s probably bollocks. If you’re a UI or UX designer working on software for phones, web, tablets, PCs, you’re embroiled in a daily soup of things you plug in, switch on and stare at all day.

And I’ve fallen for it. I genuinely love it all.

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