Leave No One Behind! Why Voice-activated Devices Need to Address Accessibility Now

It should be clear to anyone who follows the technology industry that voice-enabled devices represent the next wave of computing interaction. After punch-cards, green-screen terminals, windows-mice-pointers and touchscreens, voice-enabled UIs will become the prevalent way humans interact with technology in the coming years.

The outspoken tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, while kicking off his awesome voice tech conference VoiceCon 2018, gave a rousing keynote slating any organisation that isn’t thinking about what their Brand sounds like to talk to. What’s it’s personality?

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I’m going to get 50 people to build a Google Assistant Action live in 50 mins at my speaker’s slot at UXBristol 2018 (UPDATED!)

This is either going to go spectacularly well, or spectacularly badly.

So, in the interests of innovation and experimentation, let’s give it a go 😉

Check out the progress here:

Craig Pugsley – Designing voice interactions – UXBristol 2018 …2018.uxbristol.org.uk/speakers/craig-pugsley/

UPDATE: Turns out, it went quite well!!