Being Emotional – Designing for Humans Not Users – SWUX Bristol Talk – 9th Jun 2015

Jon Davies and Craig Pugsley present a whistle-stop revue of thinking behind emotional design, interspersed with music, swearing and film.

We cite work from the Don of Emotional Design: Donald A Norman, some top tips from Marissa Louie of Yahoo, Helen Tran’s thoughts on how computers in our films and stories have perverted how we design today, Brady Voss’ thoughts that we’re designing too much, a demo of some prototyping tools we use to show rather than tell, and Rebecca Ussai’s ways to choreograph the UX stories we tell using Disney’s animation principles.

We end with an beautiful animation called Duet by Glen Keane (Disney animator and general legend).

Rebecca Ussai – The Principles of UX Choeography

Marissa Louie – Exceptional Design is Emotional Design

Helen Tran – The Future of UI and The Dream Of The 90s

Brady Voss – Hey Designers: We Design Too Much

Donald A Norman – Emotional Design

Glen Keane – Duet

Thanks to MixRadio ( for hosting SWUX!

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